Sports Car GT

Sports Car GT (shortened as SCGT) is a racing game based on GT Racing.
It was published by EA (Electronic Arts) and developed by Image Space Incorporated
for Windows, and Point of View for PlayStation. The game was released in April 1999.
Both editions of the game feature co-development by Westwood Studios. (from wikipedia)

The game being very good for it's time was made even greater by the gamers who showed
us how to modify the game, you can create cars and tracks with the files and tuitorials
available on this website. ~ Jack (Jmann)

Sound Files
Cars & Mods
Proboards SCGT Forums

I've removed a file my new Virus Program has detected in Utilities,
If you have any of these files remove them!.

Promising young Formula 2 driver Athoine Hubert taken from us in a horrible crash at
Circuit Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium over the weekend, he will be missed.

Happy Memorial Day, had some time this weekend so added Rookie Of The Mans impressive car

Rookie Of The Mans Cars


H-Mans site is down so added his tracks,

H-Man Tracks

Also updated the tracklist.

Hey, been replacing some files that were corrupted when
uploading to the new host, (thanks guys at the forum) so
if you're having any file problems please let me know at
the forum. Latest bad files I found were in the SCGT help
area under Modeling, both cars and track files.

Been adding cars to Cars & Mods page 2, including 56
of Kims cars.

Added 200 megs of Discpads Cars & Mods, more to come.

I've added 900 megs of Tracks, also the Tracklist.

Like to give a shout out for one of the few people I
know still doing SCGT cars, Scgt4ever. His unique cars
can be found Here. -Pictures can be seen at the forums
new releases section.

Added Alejo's cars, including Dragfires SCGT upgrade
as well as the Motor City Online Mod for SCGT to
Cars & Mods

Hey I have un-limited space again at a reasonable
cost so I will start uploading some of the old stuff as
I have time, you can still get a CD if you like. I'm
starting alphabetically with the AI upgrade by Wity
the 94 F1 and 96 BPR Mods then onto Alejos cars.

Well over a year ago I asked for a little help keeping
the SCGT flame alive, but there's just not enough
people into it anymore as I didn't receive any
paypal $'s, oh well. So I have downgraded to a
smaller, and less expensive web host. So currently
only basic help and utility files are available,
the old host was great with lots of space but was
heading towards $10 a month. I had almost 3 gigs of
SCGT tracks, cars and car sets available, so if you
have a DVD player (on your computer so I can burn the
files onto a 4gig DVD disc) and would like to have a
CD of the whole site and files sent to you email me.
I figure $5 + the postage should cover it and will
help to recoop some of the hosting fees for the last
10 years.

Added basic sound files

Added Bobonens Modelers Garage.

Added the SCGT Demo - Thanks Matt :~)


Sports Car GT is __Electronic Arts
__and__Image Space Inc

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