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Witys A.I. Grades

Ever found the A.I. too slow? Prefer a tight field with you in the thick of it? Fed up of kamikazi drivers trying to mount your boot? Want to see less A.I. spin out?

There's a few of ways in which the A.I. can be speeded up. One option is to increase the 1st value in a drivers attributes (ignore what it says in GTVE 4 about exceeding a total of 3 it's quite safe to do so) Doing that makes the cars lap faster because they brake later in corners the downside to which is they ram you up the backside way too often if not at every oppertunity.

The 2nd option is to edit out the difficulty slider in the osc file and then increase the difficulty level in your plr file as it max's out at 1.00 with the slider in place. Problem there is it was fine doing so when the game was hardly modded and players used but one exe, now with you guys having anything up to 30 or 40 exes it's a pain in the arse to edit all them files. (For career races editing the difficulty level in the matrix files does the same thing because with a career race the matrix overrides the difficulty slider.)

Option 3 is to rework the cars veh's leaving the one you want to drive with less power. Again though what a pain that's gonna be altering hundreds of veh's.

Option 4 is leave the folder where the svm files are empty as is the case with the original game. The exe will then add at random bolt on power ups to some of the A.I. cars your race against. Downside there being you have no idea what your racing against and you'll hardly ever get any close racing as the field will be so spread out with some cars uncatchable.

Option 5 is the hard way, re write the aiw file for each circuit. Hahahah yeah you'll love doing that. Even then when it comes to banked curves such as those found on the roundy roundy circuits you'll still have to run with a less powerful car than the A.I. or give them a lap or two head start.

Option 6 is a good one. StuartAM used it for a series he set up wherby he had a set of cars driven by the AI and a different set by the player but again it worked only on the circuits he chose for the series as they all had a simlar quality of an aiw file. had he chose a roundy roundy for instance he would have had the players lapping the ai or he would have had to deal out new faster veh's for the A.I. to the players.

All these options have been used in the 5 years SCGT has been around and non are the perfect answer. It's been there all along just no one seems to have noticed it... Give the A.I. their own veh's.

Folks tend to drive the veh the car comes with modifying it some perhaps and then race against the A.I. who are driving the exact same veh because they have blank read only svm files installed stopping the game from adding power bolt ons at random. That is the real problem though, the A.I. are driving what your driving. Fine, with circuits that are not banked and have a good aiw but for many circuits the human driving the same veh as the ai is a no contest.

My solution is to have 4 sets of read only svm's /A.I.veh's files which effectively let you state how fast the A.I. lap a circuit. So you do a hot lap and then set the AI to match you.They'll stay pretty closely bunched and wont spin out much.

Give them a try, you wont regret it I'm certain.

Wity 5/8/04

Download here