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Alejo is from Ecuador South America, well know for his
Motor City Online-NFS Conversions he's really outdone himself,
converting and updating over 500 cars!! Remember SCGT can only handle
around 424 cars. You can use a MCO Mod executable available here..MCO Mod
(you can put 424 cars in each executable)

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MCO Classics 1932~1959
Motor City Online
Classics Cars 1932~1959
MCO Muscle Cars 1963~1979
Motor City Online
Muscle Cars 1963~1979

NFS Conversions
1957 Chevy Convertions of
John Wheeler Models
MCO SCGT Upgrade By DragFire
MCO SCGT Upgrade
By DragFire

Motor City SCGT Hud
Motor City SCGT Hud
Alejo Sound Pack
Alejo Sound Pack