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IMSA GTP Patch (Mod) Version 1.1

Back in 2000 SimRacing.com was home to The Sim Project Group, Marc Nelson and Dave Chan created this car set of 42 IMSA GTP and FISA Group C cars from the mid-80s. I have renamed the executable so they do not conflict with Burd Phillips IMSA Mod which used the same IMSA letters. I have also redone the folder config to conform with the newer sub folder patchs. As these files are no longer available for Sport Car GT (Discpad was the last site) I am hosting these files here for the Sports Car GT community but they will be removed if the authors request it.
Jmann 12/2004

Original Readme notes:

Representative IMSA GTP and FISA Group C cars from the mid to late '80s Sports Prototypes era. These cars were fast, featuring mega downforce and power. On many tracks they held the lap records, with some only being beaten in recent years.

The goal in making the veh files was to use some of the techniques as outlined in John Bayleys' (Busy Bee) AI Enhanced VEH Files document. I wanted to make the AI as challenging as possible and also to try to recreate realistic lap times.

Most of the testing was done at Chatham and Sebring. The cars were modified to obtain the quickest lap times on the Sebring tracks while trying to minimize bad visual side effects (ie. cars sinking deep into the track at full speed).


Use of AOE (Advanced Options Editor) may cause unpredictable results.


All *.VEH files are AI Enhanced. No AI patches/enhancements required.


Project Heads: Marc Nelson and Dave Chan

  • : Two base models were used as start for 3 initial cars
  • : Mazda GTP by Marc Nelson (aka generic gtp) was the base model for the 962 Porsches
  • : All other cars were then derived from the Nissan, Porsches or Corvette GTPs

All files copyright 2000-2004 SimRacing Online and The Sim Project

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