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Discpad Projects

The Sports Car GT "Mad Scientist" Discpad once hosted the longest running active scgt web site on the web. Bringing Cars, Tracks, Mods and more to thousands of scgt regulars.

First Up Discpads New generation TPTCC and Project Wildfire Cars.

Scott Stockton and The USPits cars Converted by Dennis Allin (DieHardNascarFan) NR2003 Project Wildfire Mod Cars Jag Model by PWF, Driver Model by Marc Nelson

Discpad was a master .veh maker, these are some of the sweetest handling cars made for Sports Car GT.

This set contains 34 of Discpad TransAm Cars. Set your car fields small at first as these are fairly high poly cars. The file is about 45 megs.

Note; Many of you I'm sure have these car .mas files already in your /patch folder. But be sure to replace the #12 Autocon Motorsports TA Jaguar Car as I have fixed a small error in it.

Discpad Revolution Mod
34 Trans Am Cars & executable