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GT-300 Carset Release 2.0

This is the readme file for version 2.0 of the GT-300 car set for Sports Car GT. Included in this car set are 32 different cars in the GT-300 class of the All Japan Grand Touring Championship from the 1998 to 2001 seasons.

Released: 5.25.02

Changes Since 1.2:

  • Version 2.0 of the A'PEX MR-S and Netz MR-S
  • 2001 Porsche GT3-R (9 total cars)
  • 2000 BP Kraft Trueno
  • 2000 Jim Gainer Ferrari F355
  • 1999 Yellow Magic Ferrari F355
  • Updated VEH files for more challenging driving, and to balance the cars with the GT-500 car set
  • Added 2 new wheels: Work in gold (Daikokuya Porsche) and BBS in gold (various Porsches, Yellow Magic Ferrari) ***Be sure to update your ANI.ANI file in your /DAT directory! ***

1. Available Cars

Car Drivers Team Season
#0 Netz MR-S Masahiro Matsunaga
Kumi Sato
Tom's SPIRIT 2000
#03 Unisia Jecs Silvia Yuji Ide
Masataka Yanagida
Hasemi Motorsports 2001
#7 RE Amemiya RX-7 Tetsuya Yamano
Haruhiko Matsumoto
RE Amemiya Racing 2000
#9 Daikokuya Porsche GT3-R Yukihiro Hane
Tsunefumi Hioki
Team Daikokuya 2001
#11 Jim Medicom Porsche GT3-R Junichi Ikura
Koji Ushikubo
Team Gainer 2001
#15 Xanavi Arta Silvia Takeshi Tsuchiya
Yuji Ide
Nismo 1999
#19 WedsSport Celica Shigekazu Wakisaka
Takahiko Hara
Racing Project Bandoh 2000
#19 WedsSport MR-S Minoru Tanaka
Satoru Goto
Racing Project Bandoh 2001
#20 Autolet Celica Yasuhisa Fujiwara
Kumi Sato
Tom's SPIRIT 1999
#24 Taisan JCM Porsche GT3-R Hideshi Matsuda
Kazuyuki Nishizawa
Team Taisan 2001
#25 A'PEX MomoCorse MR-2 Morio Nitta
Shinichi Takagi
A'PEX & Tsuchiya Engineering 1999
#26 Taisan Advan Porsche GT3-R Hideo Fukuyama
Atsushi Yogo
Team Taisan 2001
#25 Tsuchiya MR-2 Keiichi Suzuki
Shingo Tachi
Tsuchiya Engineering 1998
#31 A'PEX MR-S Morio Nitta
Shinichi Takagi
A'PEX Racing 2000
#51 C-West Razo Advan Silvia Naofumi Omoto
Yasukichi Yamamoto
Auto Staff Racing 2001
#61 Taeivon Ralliart FTO Akihiko Nakaya
Ralph Firman
Team Taeivon Ralliart 1999
#62 R&D Sports Porsche GT3-R Shinsuke Shibahara
Shogo Mitsuyama
R&D Sports 2001
#63 Leyjun Porsche GT3-R Osamu
Takamasa Nakagawa
R&D Sports 2001
#70 Gaikokuya Porsche GT3-R Yoshimi Ishibashi
Hiroaki Suga
Team Gaikokuya 2001
#71 Sigmatec MR-S Masaki Jonai
Eiichi Tajima
Sigmatec Racing Team 2001
#72 Okura RX-7 Akira Ishikawa
Shinichi Takagi
Okura Rotary Racing 2000
#77 Cusco Impreza Katsuo Kobayashi
Tatsuya Tanigawa
Cusco Racing 2000
#81 Daishin Silvia Nobuyuki Oyagi
Takayuki Aoki
Team Daishin 2001
#86 Project Mu Espelir MR-S Masaoki Nagashima
Koji Matsuda
Team Kraft 2001
#91 Buddy Club Celica Masahiro Matsunaga
Junko Mihara
First Racing Team 1998
#91 Buddy Club Toyota MR-2 Masahiro Matsunaga
Yasuhisa Fujiwara
First Racing Team 1998
#111 Jim Gainer Ferrari F355 Junichi Ikura
Yuse Maki
Team Gainer 2000
#355 Yellow Magic Ferrari F355 Takachiho Inoue
Takeshi Takahashi
Club Yellow Magic 1999
#360 Dentaire Ferrari 360 Kota Sasaki
Seigo Nishizawa
Dentaire Projet Racing 2001
#910 Rodeo Drive Advan Porsche GT3-R Hisashi Wada
Jukucho Sunako
Nine-Ten Racing 2001
#911 Diamond Advan Porsche GT3-R Masamitsu Ishihara
Akira Hirakawa
Nine-Ten Racing 2001
#86 BP Kraft AE-86 Sprinter Trueno Masaoki Nagashima
Koji Matsuda
Team Kraft 2000

2. Credits

All the cars in this carset were built from scratch by Jon-Jon Santiago except for the following cars, which were modified from the original car by the authors noted below:

  • Mazda RX-7 - based on Tom McMahon/Antony Hirst's Street RX-7
  • Ferrari F360 Modena - based on Dreadman's Ferrari 360 Challenge
  • Ferrari F355 - based on Dreadman/Mr. Bizkat/Stuartam's Ferrari F355 Challenge
  • Porsche GT3-R - based on M@D69/Pat Painter 996 GT3-R
This car set is a personal creation by Jon-Jon Santiago and all rights to the files enclosed in this car set are reserved by him.

Modifying these cars for personal use is permitted. However, if any of these cars are modified and released to the public domain, please be courteous enough to include credits to Jon-Jon Santiago as the original author in the car's readme file.

3. Development Notes

Jon-Jon Santiago

Satoru Takasugi, BigBen

Special thanks to BigBen for the JGTC .exe and AllDash, Tom McMahon for the excellent RX-7 mesh used as the basis for the Okura and RE Amemiya cars, Dreadman for the Ferrari 360/355 meshes, M@D69 for the Porsche mesh, and Satoru Takasugi for being a generous and highly skilled teacher.

Much thanks goes to Jim McCabe (aka Fenderbender) for painting the Netz A'PEX MR-S and Gaikokuya Porsche, as well as helping with the Espelir MR-S paintjob. Also thanks to Victor Harris (aka Quic Vic) for helping paint the Jim Gainer Ferrari F355 and Sigmatec MR-S.

Kinetix 3D Studio MAX R3
Adobe Photoshop Ver.6.0
Maspuce by TagForce
VRL2VRML by Tony Hirst
GTVE by BusyBee

*Important Release Notes:

  • Only 1 level of detail on the BP Kraft Trueno
  • VEH files for the Mazda RX-7s and Toyota Celicas are NOT balanced with the rest of the car set.
The above issues will be resolved in a forthcoming patch.

4. Installation

If this is your first time installing the GT-300 Car Set Version 2.0, unzip both zip files into your SCGT installation directory. If you are upgrading from a previous installation of the GT-300 Car Set Version 1.2, you need only unzip the second zip file.

*Important* Make sure you check the 'use folder names' option in WinZip so that the files are extracted into the proper directories. The car set requires a specific directory structure. Failure to extract the files into the proper directories will prevent the game from running.

Installing Ban Scene MAS is required to be used with this carset.

To drive with the cockpit view, be sure to download BigBen's JGTC AllDash, otherwise the game will crash if you attempt to drive while in cockpit view.

To properly animate the wheel skins, you must edit your ANI.ANI file in the /DAT directory of your SCGT installation. Refer to the gt_300_ani.ani file for the entries to be added.

Do not forget to leave a blank line for the end of your ANI.ANI file.

5. Recommended Add-On Files

Here is a list of add-on files that will enhance your JGTC experience for SCGT.

This carset is packed with a new EXE which is created by BigBen.
The new JGTC.exe will call new career seasons and the new JGTC Alldash.

The JGTC.exe's new career mode contains two classes, the GT-300 class for this carset as well as the GT-500 class for Satoru Takasugi's beautiful GT-500 carset. Your JGTC experience will be incomplete without Satoru's incredible cars. You can download the entire 2000 season GT-500 carset here: Satoru Takasugi's GT-500 carset

The JGTC.exe's new career mode also calls some additional tracks made by some of best track makers in the SCGT community. You must have these tracks to play the full season of the JGTC.exe. Failure to install these tracks before starting Career Mode can cause your game to malfunction.

Brands Hatch
Circuit de Catalunya(Barcelona)
Melbourne GP (Albert Park)
Montreal (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve)
Monza GP
Silverstone GP

You can find links to these along with many other beautiful tracks at SCGT track list page.

BigBen, dash master, created a new ALLDASH to be used exclusively for the GT-300 and GT-500 carsets produced by Satoru Takasugi and I. You can get it here, BigBens Alldash.

All the VEHs in this carset are tuned to be used with the SCGT SOUND REALISM UPDATE. You can get these updated sound files at the US pits.

I hope you enjoy the GT-300 carset.

- Jon-Jon Santiago, 5.25.02

Jon Jon Santiago's
JGTC 300 Carset
Jon Jon Santiago's
JGTC 300 Carset