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6/23/2013: After 8 years I've updated this tracks page, give me a shout
at the forums page if you have any updates. I will add "other links" as I add them to RCS.

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Author/Link Located Other Links
Aaron Heap (Brocky) <dir various> 
Alejo <page>  Cars/Misc
Andy77 (Andre Duerkop) <Andy77's World Of Sports Car GT> 
Anton Petkov <page>  Home Page
Ascoda <dir various> 
Bassguy <page> 
Bill Butler (Billb) <page> 
Bobonen <dir various> 
Bucky911 <dir various> 
Burd Phillips <page> 
Danny Gelston <dir various> 
Dedlast <dir various> 
Dennis Allin (DieHardNascarFan) <dir various> 
Dr Bob (Robin Dufton) <dir various> 
F4Racer <dir various> 
Gamma <unknown> 
GEETi <page> 
GT40-Steven <dir various> 
Guiness (Ken Arnold) <page> 
Hjusto (Heriberto Justo) <page> 
H-Man <page> 
John Szczpinski (JPS) <page> 
John Lewis (Wheeler) <dir various>  Home Page
Julian Knight (Jester) <dir various>  Home Page
Marc Nelson <dir various> 
Matt Atkinson (Roe Tengco) <dir page> 
Matt Lucas <dir page> 
Mika Hirvonen <dir various> 
Mlink79 <dir various> 
Maxwseven <dir various> 
Neil Bainbridge <dir various> 
Pieter Hofstra (Vanderstok) <dir various> 
PorscheGuy <page> 
Robert Vail <dir various> 
Sean Stafford (SRS) <dir page> 
Sean Vollmer (SeanV) <dir various> 
Silly Seat (Stephen Doughty) <dir various> 
Snake <dir various> 
SpikeG <dir various> 
Stuart Moore (StuartAM) <dir page> 
T-Man <page> 
Tonto <dir page> 
TheBigg (Gary Johnson) <dir page>  Various
Tweaky (Nicci Bachofer) <unknown> 
Uzzi (Ewan Chalker) <page> 
Widowmaker <dir various> 
Wizzo (Ilidio de Sousa) <dir various> 

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