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  These are Sports Car GT Editors and Utilities that were hosted by TheUSPits Development Team
for years, they have recently removed them amongst other things.  I have made them available here
in the USPits original format mostly out of nostalgia, but really so they will still be available. I've also
added several other editors/links that we find useful, if any of the original authors wish their files
removed just contact me ~ Jmann



 Last Update:  Sept. 7, 2012


  Sports Car GT Track Manager

-Reggie Brooks Track Manager, Lets you keep under 64 tracks.

(Reggie Brooks) [342k]



  GTVe4 Veh Editor

-This one is more designed for car creators and veh file creators then V-edit
since it allows you to edit more values then V-edit does. GTVe also allows
you to load up a "ghost" vehicle that you can compare values with.

(John 'BusyBee' Bayley) [1157k]



 VRL2VRML 2.0 beta5

-Updated from 1.5 to 2.0.  A lot of changes, the major one is support for
F1-2000 vrl files. Includes a file compare tool and revised vrl file wireframe
(Antony Hirst) [248k]




-Updated from 1.0 to 1.5.  Alot of changes.  If you can use and edit with 3D
programs you'll need this one!
 (Antony Hirst) [210k]




 -The Editor of choice for Sports Car GT. Program extracts, creates and
imports MAS files.
(Tag Force) [207k]



 Readmas 2.0

 -An older editor for adding to or changing your mas files.

   (Joaquim Pereira) [358k]



MASadelic 0.2 beta

 -This is a command line utility for MAS file manipulation.
(Anthony Hirst) [180 k]



Advanced Options Editor

 -Changes drive train layout, "deep grass" problems and even let's you 

  choose the "style" of cars you are racing.
(friends of ISI) [59 k]



 Frhed Hex Editor 1.0.155

-Easy to use free hex editor
(Raihan Kibria) [283k]



 File Duplicator Beta 1.2

-Program for duplicating files for making stand alone cars, the program uses
Antony Hirsts MASadelic, 'MASadelic.exe' must be located in the
same folder as SCDup.exe. VEHUpt.exe updates batchs of .veh files.
(Alvaro) [55k]




-This is a program that will let you edit the picture and icons in a scgt exe.




-This is a program that will change a paint file into an icon for importing into
your exe's.



 SCGT File Names v1.1

-Essential program by Mika Hirvonen for Car Making, simply type your mas
file name into it and it will give you the proper names for all the .vrls.
(Mika Hirvonen) [21k]



 Darf 2.0

-This allows you to adjust AI strength, also enables unlimited replays.
(Gunslinger) [30k]



 Vehiclemas Excluder

-This allows you to lock out the basic scgt cars, allowing racing
with only your add-on cars.
(Unknown) [54k]



 Lock & Load

--This program makes for easy lock out of basic scgt cars.
(Ed Burkholder) [480k]



 Fuzzys Mirror Resizer

-The rear-view mirror in Sports Car GT is a frame rate hog, with this you can
reduce the size of the rear-view mirror in order to improve frame rate..
(FuzzyMOD) [240k]



 SCGT Portal 1.1

-This is ver 1.1 of Mikas Exe launcher, simply edit the ini file to launch
all of your scgt exe's from one shortcut. Ver 2 is available at Mikas
site (see links) but it does not work with all multi-folder patches.
( Mika Hirvonen) [48k]



 1024x Fix

-This fixes problem running some tracks in 1024x resolution.
(Telson & Haqsau) [400k]



 Dust & Smoke Patch

-Edit your cmaps.mas file to decrease the amounts of dust & smoke.
(Unknown) [32k]



 Exelab V2.1

-New tool for easily creating executables, also lets you look
at the properties of other exe's.
!!!Important: My Virus program has isolated this file on my computer
for containing a virus so I've removed it from this server, if you have
this file delete it!! If anyone has fixed this file please contact me on
the scgt forum.
(Guiness) [448k]



 Easy Exe

-This is Witys tool for creating executables.
(Wity) [396k]



 Standalone Alone Tool

-Weeds tool for making stand-alone cars.
(Weeds) [61k]



 Readmas Tuitorial

-Readmas for Idiots is Gunslingers name for it,
but it would take a genius to figure out readmas without it.
(Gunslinger) [851k]